Leichtbau BW – What we can do yor you!

Leichtbau BW is a collaborative network of more than 2.200 companies and more than 300 research facilities - this is probably the largest lightweight network in the world. We put people in touch to potential suppliers, customers, project partners or research institutions across all industries.

The Development Agency for Lightweighting Baden-Wuerttemberg is a fully state owned and non-profit company whose goal is to unite businesses and researchers to help turn Baden-Württemberg into one of the world's leading locations for lightweight technology and make the German state an attractive region for the lightweight construction sector.

We serve as a neutral and cross-sector partner for commercial industries, research groups and society at large.

Our Services for you:

  • Utilize our B2B platform for your benefit

  • We are your one stop shop for lightweight technologies

  • We bring innovaion from Baden-Württemberg to your doorstep 


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