Rethinking microvans and vans

Veit Fritzenschaft
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Small transporters and transporters rethought - that can the "UCCON". The Böblingen-based company TEAMOBILITY GmbH has created the “UCCON”, a demonstrator for a totally new approach to mobility. The “UCCON” has almost one third higher payload and loading volume as a microvan of the same length. The chassis is jam packed with lightweight technology for the heaviest possible payload. More Information

Böblingen-based TEAMOBILITY GmbH works with an interdisciplinary team of experts on tomorrow’s smart city and mobility concepts. “Smart” is often said to be the brainchild of Managing Partner Professor Johann Tomforde. As a young student he developed the first electric car concept studies as early as 1969, built the Mercedes Benz “City Car” brand and was responsible for the development and production of the Smart in the 1990s. Homepage