Lightweight tools for lightweight parts

GALVANOFORM Gesellschaft für Galvanoplastik mbH
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Airplanes are full of lightweight parts made out of CFP. The manufacturing stage can feature a few lightweights too. GALVANOFORM produces tools such as nickel molds for GFP and CFP parts that require up to 75 percent less material than other comparable metals. As an added benefit, the thinner mold walls require less energy to heat the mold for the production of the components. More Information

About GALVANOFORM Gesellschaft für Galvanoplastik mbH
The company is based in Lahr in the Black Forest and produces tools such as molds for fiber composite parts made out of CFP and GFP. GALVANOFORM’s customers are typically manufacturers in the automotive and aerospace industries, particularly seeking molds for motor panels, doors, landing gear claps, fins or radomes. Homepage