Hybrid combination of 3D printing and forging

Rosswag GmbH
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Rosswag GmbH uses the best of both procedures. Solid component areas with a large section of material volume are brought into their approximate form through free form forging. In a second stage, more complex sections – including sections with enclosed structures – are added through selective laser melting. This enables completely new forms of components to be created and is twice as efficient since the metal sintering powder can also be made out of scrap metal from the forging process. More Information

About Rosswag GmbH
The family operated mid-size company Rosswag is the largest free form forging company in southern Germany and is formed by the divisons Edelstahl Rosswag and Rosswag Engineering. For more than 100 years, the company has produced highly durable forged parts for the energy sector, aerospace industry, power plants, pump machines and the optoelectronics industry. Homepage