Cutting delivery traffic in half with lighter prefab garages

solidian GmbH
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Beton Kemmler GmbH
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This new prefabricated garage is truly one of a kind. Thanks to the textile reinforced concrete used in its walls, it cuts weight by around 30 percent over steel reinforced concrete. This not only saves material costs and resources, but also requires half as many delivery trucks, since a single truck can now carry two garages without exceeding its weight limit. The garage owner can enjoy more inner space due to the thinner walls and the glass fiber reinforcements do not rust like steel reinforcements do. More Information

About Beton Kemmler GmbH and solidian GmbH
Beton Kemmler based in T├╝bingern-Hirschau has one of the most modern prefabricated manufacturing facilities in Europe. Solidan based in Albstadt specializes in the production of nonmetallic concrete reinforcement materials made out of carbon and glass fibers. Homepage solidian GmbHHomepage Beton Kemmler GmbH