Advanced Composite parts and assemblies

Martin Linge
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Open questions about fibre composites?
Process problems in fibre composite technology?
Difficulties in lightweight construction with carbon fibre?

I eliminate difficulties worldwide and bring your project to its destination. Based on practical experience in lightweight construction – in motor sports, automotive engineering and aviation.

About Linge Compsite Consulting
Due to my 3 decades of hands-on, process and project experience mainly with Composite materials I started 2018 my Consulting Company in Göppingen which is situated between Esslingen and Ulm at the foreland of the Swabian alb about 40km east of Stuttgart. We can support you in interim Management, Project Management, Process improvement and stabilisation, Development support, training, supplier evaluation and networking, trouble shooting to name a few. For more information please visit my homepage or don’t hesitate and get directly in contact with me.