ThinKing February 2021: Precise measured values - Pushing to the limits, safely
ThinKing January 2021 - Lightweight Hercules: Quadrocopter trimmed down by two thirds, but carries four times its own weight
ThinKing December 2020: Wood, hemp, and chicken feathers – creating technical components from natural fibres

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Get to know the most innovative lightweight solutions from probably the largest lightweighting network in the world: More than 2.200 companies and 300 research institutions belong to the network of Leichtbau BW. We put people in touch with potential suppliers, customers, project partners or research institutions across all industries in the state of Baden-Württemberg. On this website you will find the best lightweight solutions from our network with a short profile and contact data for each company or research institution.


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Are you looking for information on lightweight technology? Contact us – we are happy to help you. For more information about the network of Leichtbau BW take a look at:

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